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All champions say “Victory is a Mind Set, no doubts!” We all know this, it applies in training and in race, in sport and in domestic life.

Off-Season Time is not the right time to give up your Mental Training. It has to be continued on daily basis. The mind is a sort of muscle that needs the regularly be trained in order to perform, in order to have the right state and the right result at the right moment. Right?

So, do from your Mental Training your Daily Routine along all other disciplines you train. You can manage to do it:

## in bricks,

## in the same time – a physical challenging interval session in the same time with a specific mental technique – 

## even in fartlek style or 

## separately as a sort of active regeneration hour.

First analyse your last season and what went wrong for you. “Wrong” is a word I do not enjoy, so let’s say “what went not so optimal” for you. Write it down every race where things could have gone better, find the essence of that race, go along the side of reasons. Avoid to find excuses, find the reasons, be honest with yourself. If any doubts, ask me, ask a friend, ask a mental coach. Sometimes a hint is all you need.

As you have your list of reasons, you can work on it and see how you can avoid them in the future season. Believe me, mental training is not only about talking to yourself, saying mantras and visualising you in the perfect state of body and mind! There are real techniques that should be applied to each person depending of his/her specific needs.

#  Fear of crowded swim start?

#  Fear of weather?

#  Fear or confusion about cycling leg?

#  Fear of competitors?

#  Fear of all kind of distress during training and racing?

#  Fear of DNF?

#  Fear of what? 

Find out all your fears and weak points and make them strong.

Train mentally so far you develop the Routine. Having the Routine helps you to save Energy, a lot of it!

Let me know, write me (in German, English and/or Romanian), ask me, come on Skype for a consultation. Choose to be prepared, now is the right season to do that!

Your Ironman & Mental Coach ///

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